Sarah & Drew

This session has got to be one of my favorite ones to dates. I know I say this about every shoot, but I absolutely love each and every one of these pictures and I had an amazing time with Sarah and Drew. They were incredibly easy to work with and made my job of capturing their love that much easier. They laughed, danced, and had those perfect in between moments throughout the shoot. Surya and I had a blast behind the camera and caught memories that will last forever. I’ve know Drew since freshman year of college and only recently met Sarah. Drew is one of my closest friends and an absolute goofball and Sarah is one of the sweetest persons I know.

All of the rain brought beautiful green grass and budding flowers on trees. We could not have asked for a more perfect sunset with all the rain that had been falling throughout the week. Drew and Sarah, thank you for letting me capture your love on the most perfect evening with the best two people around.