Our Chicago Adventure

On a chilly and cloudy Friday morning, Surya and I traveled up to Chicago for a quick day trip. Chicago has always been one of our favorite cities and always take the chance to go up when we can. This time we traveled with purpose to meet up with friends for several photoshoots. We tend to go to the same places each visit, but this time we explored other parts of the city. 

We met my best friend Christy and her roommates at Yolk on the North End. I absolutely LOVE Yolk and all the possibilities that they have. I went for a light breakfast of oats and berries and then snagged some of Surya’s chicken and waffles. After breakfast we did a quick photoshoot of the girls (who were so so sweet) and got some city shots. 

We said our goodbyes and then Surya and I explored the area. We headed to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and saw the greenhouse and got quickly warmed up haha. This place was gorgeous and I loved the architecture! We sat for a bit and then decided to see if my favorite donut shop would have any donuts. Sadly once we drove there, they were sold out :( But it was 1:30pm so I couldn’t get too upset haha. Surya wanted to see the Money Museum so after some stressful city driving and parking we got to see the history of money. 

And being the sweet boyfriend that he is, Surya wanted to find me a donut so we hiked towards Michigan Avenue to Firecakes Donuts which was at the CUTEST location. They had a walk up window and I got the double chocolate cake. 

Once I was had a better mood, Surya found a comic book store he wanted to look at. At this point it had started to snow so we went to find the car. After searching for the car and having a mini panic attack we found it and drove to our next stop.

Up until now, the weather was chilly and cloudy. Once we parked our car towards North Avenue Beach we met up with the amazing Luna Wedding Photography for a photoshoot. Laura is the sweetest person ever and her family is adorable. I took pics of her family and just of her and her husband. We jumped on the bed and had beautiful city skylines. Laura made Surya and I just as comfortable for our photo session. Surya has gotten better with his pictures being taken and we had a blast haha. Once we were all warmed up, we went outside again to see the beach. We did another quick session with Laura outside and the Lake Michigan water was gorgeous! The colors looked absolutely beautiful against the Chicago skyline and the timing could not have been more perfect as the sun peaked through the clouds for the last few photos. Laura and her family were visiting from Canada and we loved meeting them!

We said our goodbyes (Surya and I will visit Canada soon!) and headed back to the car. The city looked beautiful with the warm sunset and cool breeze. I soaked it all in and we ended our day with tacos for dinner (my favorite). We went to Velvet Tacos in Houston when I visited Surya and were incredibly excited when we found it in Chicago. It was a delicious end to our quick trip to Chicago. The beautiful sunset made my day and I cannot wait to see you again Chicago.